Turbocharger S400 317755 for

US $393

Min. Order:1 pc
Keywords:turbocharger , S400 317755 , Renault turbocharger
Origin:Made In China

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Company Information

Company NameBeijing JMX Development Machinery Co. ,Ltd
Country/Region:Beijing - China
Business Nature:Trading Company
Contact:emma.renSales specialist
Last Online:11 Oct, 2016
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Product Description

Parts Number:317755
Distribution:Global Exception:Antarctic
Packaging Details Jiamparts Packing OR Netural Packing
Delivery Time 2-10 work days
Production Capacity 2000 Pieces / Week
Application Engine:Renault MIDR062356 C63 (Euro 3) 420hp
Classic application:Renault Truck Premium/Route/Kerax (LHD Truck)
Oem No.:n/a

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